designer dog bags

Designer Dog Bags

Looking for a gorgeous addition to your closet that will double as a amazingly comfortable home for your mini dog? We have reviewed some functional but stylish dog carriers just for you.

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Small Dog Carriers

If you’re the proud owner of a mini dog, a small pet carrier may be the smartest investment you make throughout your dogs life. The functional benefits of a small dog carrier are endless.

Dog Travel Carriers

Our mini dogs are usually friendly creatures, which makes them ideal travel companions. Choosing the right Dog Travel Carrier for your best friend is imperative for stress free travel.

Your Pooch Deserves the Best!

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Are you Looking for a New Dog Carrier for your Mini Dog?

Dogs have the best personalities ever, hence, it is a given that they should travel in style. Lucky for you, you can easily choose from various styles depending on the breed and size of your fluffy friend.

Depending on what suits your needs you can choose from an array of pet carriers, dog travel carriers, designer dog bags, airline approved dog carriers and small/large dog carriers. Furthermore, there are also style varieties that you can choose from such as a pet tote bag, leather dog carriers, and designer dog carrier purse and so on.

With so many dog carriers for sale, you are sure to get overwhelmed while buying one. With dog carrier design, there can be a number of goals that you are can to achieve. First being comfort, then style or maybe you just want to coordinate your travel looks. If you are not planning to travel with a Great Dane, chances are you will get the perfect designer dog bag that your fluffy friend deserves.  Your options are:

1. A Standard Pet Carrier

This is more like a one-size fits all type of carrier. It can be a puppy purse or a dog purse that you can use to carry your fluffy friend around. This category can cover a range of designer carriers that can be used for any pet you want to travel with. While choosing the best dog carrier among generic pet carriers, it is necessary that you consider the comfort and nature of your mini dog. Get something that has enough space for movement, as unlike cats, dogs do not prefer sleeping in the same spot all day.

2. Designer Dog Bags

The last time we checked, everyone was head over heels for the camouflage print. Camouflage is a remarkable style, but what is better than your mini dog twinning with you in a camouflage themed designer dog bag. Moreover, if you are a Gucci, Louis Vuitton or a coach fan you are sure to find the perfect luxury designer dog bag for your friend easily. For those looking for a bargain, you are sure to land couture quality dog carriers on Amazon.

3. Small Dog Carriers

You certainly do not want an over sized designer dog bag or dog carrier for a mini dog. Get something that is a perfect fit for a smaller breed and pay attention to comfort. You can easily find premium-leather small dog carriers online for a bargain price.

4. Airline Approved Dog Travel Carrier

When planning to travel there are a few things you need to take into account. The comfort, size and the quality of the dog carrier purse, the dog carrier bag or any other dog travel carrier you are buying. Make sure that it has ample ventilation and fits perfectly under your seat. Another important aspect is the travel-friendliness of the dog carrier. If you are going to be traveling by air, make sure you purchase an airline approved dog carrier.


You can easily balance comfort and style with all the designer dog bags at your disposal. Make your fuzzy friend your partner-in-style!

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Designer Dog Bags

If your dog carrier isn’t as fabulous as your mini dog, you need to rethink your investment. Carrying around an ugly plastic crate-looking carrier is not that fun. If you travel a lot with your furry companion and take it with you almost everywhere, it is time to consider what sort of pet carrier your dog is travelling in.

The best feature of any designer dog bag is the combination of functionality with fashionable and appealing designs. Most designer dog bags on the market are designed like regular handbags and you do not have to worry about ruining your dog’s style in a duffle bag. This feature also makes it easier to take your bundle of cuteness to dinners or even grocery shopping.


Our Top 5 reasons why your dog should travel in style are:

1. The Material

Designer dog bags incorporate only quality materials into their designs. They use sustainable material which is manufactured to make the dog carrier much more breathable than regular bags. Where some designer brands use real leather you are sure to find many that integrate synthetic leather into their designs. The materials are mostly stain resistant and can be washed. It is better to invest once in a high-quality designer dog bag rather than having to buy new ones every now and then. The materials are sturdy and will last you a long time, plus the style quotient.

2. Dimensions

Designer dog bags will always give you the exact pet weight estimates and dimensions of their product. If there is a discrepancy they are sure to send you a replacement, unlike non-designer dog bags. Knowing the exact dimensions of your dog carrier is necessary for the comfort of your pet. Getting a designer dog bag with the correct dimensions will save you a lot of trouble when trying to fit your dog carrier under your plane seat.

3. The Hand Strap

The hand strap needs to be sturdy, especially when you are travelling and might need to move around the designer dog bag quite a lot. Designer carriers will usually come with stylish adjustable straps that can easily be strung over the shoulder. High-quality hand straps keep the pet comfortable and also reduce the chances of startling your pet.

4. Washable/Maintenance

The fun part about getting a designer dog bag is that it comes with a guide. They are usually stain resistant, but if any mishap occurs you can easily follow the maintenance instructions to restore it to its initial status. Check for instructions and opt for the washable kind, follow the exact instructions and it will be as good as new in no time.

5. Airline Approved

One of the most valuable perks of getting a designer dog bag is that it will already be airline approved. Airlines follow a certain protocol when it comes to allowing pet carriers as carry-ons. They need the carrier to be secure and able to fit under a seat. If you are getting a designer dog bag, you’ve got this covered.


Designer dog bags are definitely worth the investment as they are safer, last longer and can easily be replaced if you accidentally buy the wrong size.

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Small Dog Carriers

If you are the proud owner of a mini dog, a small pet carrier may be the smartest investment you will make throughout your pets life. The functional benefits of a small dog carrier exceed the alternatives. Mini dogs are fashionable partners you can carry around with you.

One of the most observed habits of mini dog owners is that they like to take their dogs everywhere with them. Besides, dogs are fun-loving creatures that prefer being out-and-about as opposed to being stuck at home. Small pet carriers not only allow you to create more memories with your pet, but also strengthen your bond. Furthermore, small dog carriers are a necessary purchase because:

1. Traveling Becomes Easy

The next time you are planning to travel with your furry friend, get an airline approved carrier – this should you be your foremost priority. Unless you are traveling with a service dog, there are hardly any airlines that will allow you take your dog as a hand-carry item. Even if your tiny friend is a service dog, it is highly subjective whether an airline allows a carrier-free flight. To prevent your travel plans from getting complicated, it is best to make a smart choice and purchase a small dog carrier. This will give you the opportunity to fly stress-free with your best-buddy safe and secure in its pet carrier under your seat.

2. It is Convenient

Ever tried to calm an anxious dog? It is not the easiest thing to do. Small dog carriers are the best possible means of transportation for your furry companion. This is because they are familiar with the dog carrier and are easier to handle, even if they do get a little anxious. Besides openly carrying a Teacup Poodle or a Maltese in crowds is not the safest for your pet.

3. Designer Small Dog Carriers are Available

Designer carriers have made choosing the right small dog carrier quite easy. Simply because of the high-quality they offer and added features. The material is reliable and it will last you a long time. This makes the purchase worthwhile and the measurements are accurate. If you get the wrong size or order, it is easier to get an immediate replacement.

4. Style

Your mini dog probably has a huge personality and that should translate into its carrier. Besides, you can even match the small dog carrier with your travel style. A plain old plastic crate is definitely not that appealing and your adorable friend needs to be in the spotlight. Don’t you think?

5. They Come in Backpack Style

Carrying your furry friend has never been this easy. Backpacks allow your dog to stick their heads out and enjoy the surroundings. For you, it provides easy, hands-free movement. Plus you can keep a few treats handy in the extra pockets. Backpacks, duffle bags and pet totes can also be used for slightly larger breeds as well.


Purchase a small dog carrier that makes a style statement, while being functional and comfortable for your companions travel adventures.

cheap designer dog carriersAre you About to Travel and Need to Use a Dog Travel Carrier?

Dogs are friendly creatures, which makes them ideal travel companions. They like to socialize and you will notice them wagging their tails at anyone who appreciates them. This is a very amicable trait when it comes to travel.

Before planning your travel, acquainting your mini dog to its carrier is necessary. It will give them a sense of safety when traveling and reduces travel anxiety. A dog carrier can make travel and obtaining a permit for in-cabin flight easier. Most airlines will not allow large or medium-sized dogs in the flying cabin. This can be overwhelming for your dog, being separated from you in an unfamiliar setting. This is where having their own dog carrier can give them a sense of familiarity and safety.

A dog travel carrier has multiple benefits during long-distance or short distance travel. Given, that you have chosen the right pet carrier for your fuzzy friend. A dog carrier that adheres to the safety requirements of the airline will get you through airline security in a breeze.  A dog carrier can make your life easy because of the following benefits:

1. Mobile Bed

Providing your dog with a mobile bed. Carriers can double as a kennel/bed for your dog when away from home. If you are at the park and your dog needs a little nap or wants a break, a dog carrier can come in handy. Make sure that the size of the carrier is big enough to provide enough space for movement. Proper ventilation is also necessary to keep the dog carrier comfortably-breathable for your pet.

2. Sense of Safety

Traveling, especially via air can be overwhelming for your dog. If you have a medium to the large sized dog, it will not fit under the seat near you. This can cause separation anxiety in dogs; a familiar space (dog-carrier) can help reduce that anxiety a great deal. When dogs are accustomed to their pet carrier they do not feel displaced and will stay calm through the flight.

3. In-cabin Travel

If you are not traveling with a service dog, some airlines will not allow dogs in the cabin. However, airline approved dog carriers can make it easier for you to get an in-cabin flight for your furry companion. This is because these dog carriers are sturdy and secure for the altitude at which the aircraft travels. This also prevents other passengers from getting irked due to the presence of a dog on the flight.

The Bottom Line

Dog carriers not only allow your mini dog to travel in style but it also makes transporting your dog easier. They come in handy, especially in crowded areas where dogs can get anxious. It is a great way to take your fur-baby with you where ever you go. The best part is that dog carriers come in various shapes and sizes. If you have a mini dog, you can easily carry it in a backpack during road trips. Dogs love sticking their heads out of backpacks and enjoying their time with you.