WPS Airline Approved Dog Travel Carrier with Wheels


This airline approved dog travel carrier is specially designed for travel purposes and a must-have if you travel by airplane with your mini dog often. It comes with detachable wheels, so you do not have to carry it around in the airport, you simply wheel it beside you like the rest of your luggage. The size of the bag fits all airline general in-cabin requirements and the wheels can be easily removed for it to fit under your seat.

The bag comes with zipper locks that will not budge even if your mini dog gets a little anxious and tries to struggle, which is a natural behavior if they are not used to be carried around in a travel carrier. The interior of the bag is made from a soft material to make your dog extra comfortable. The mesh panels on the sides of the carrier allow your mini dog see their surroundings, helping with any travel anxiety they may experience.

Product Features

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  • Product dimensions – 15.5 x 22 x 11.5 inches
  • Product weight – 7 pounds
  • Removable wheels
  • Zipper lock
  • Soft-sided interior
  • Soft bad
  • Mesh panels
  • Non-slip straps
  • Extra wheels
  • Mesh pockets
  • Look in spots
  • Leash clip for pet’s collar


WPS has focused on using durable materials in making every part of this dog travel carrier to ensure their customers receive a product that lasts. The non-slip straps and the sturdy wheels have been added to give an extra level of support that’s needed when traveling with your mini dog. They have also added plenty of mesh pockets around the travel carrier so you can safely store all the dog supplies you need to carry with you when traveling.

The best feature of this airline approved dog travel carrier is clearly the removable wheels. When you’re not efficiently wheeling your mini dog around, you can simply use the shoulder strap to carry it as a regular dog carrier.

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