Black Stingray Designer Dog Carrier – Stylish, Safe and Comfortable

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Black Stingray Leather Pet Carrier – Stylish, Safe and Comfortable


This Luxury Leather Pet Carrier is Handmade to Order in the USA and is the ultimate luxury luggage for your mini dog. Any stylish dog owner who likes to make a statement with a luxury pet carrier, will want to give check out this great product. Made using 100% genuine leather, there are a combination of different textures of leather in the design that adds a great level of sophistication to the dog carrier.

Some of the most important aspects you should consider when buying designer dog bags are the safety factors included in the design. It is possible to get carried away looking at the stylish features and miss out on the small details that matter most.

This Black Stingray Leather Pet Carrier, however, offers you both safety and style all in one package. The double zippered front closure, the quality of the materials, good ventilation, soft padding, and strong seams of the handmade bag ensure that your pet will be perfectly safe traveling in the bag. The product is still quite new to the market, but it should sell fast due to the great features and the quality of design.

Product Features

  • The material used – 100% genuine black leather
  • Product dimensions – 17 x 10 x 11 inches
  • Weight – 6 pounds
  • Black Sting Ray leather exterior
  • Double zippered front closure
  • Detachable leather shoulder
  • 2 Leather Pillows

It is important to create a spacious and comfortable space for your furry friend to rest and relax during traveling. The comfort of your pet is an important factor when selecting a good luxury pet carrier. The two pillows and the soft interiors of this handmade bag will provide extra comfort, keep your pet calm in any stressful traveling environment.

The dimensions and the weight of this designer dog carrier are key components when making this important purchasing decision.  The designer dog bags should be lightweight and easy to carry around. At 6 pounds in weight, this product is portable and easy to maneuver around when you’re traveling with your mini dog.

This product not only looks stylish, but it’s also safe, comfortable, and easy to carry around. The dog travel carrier also fits the flight standards of most airlines and is easy to travel with. (Always check with your airline before traveling as different airlines may have different guidelines).

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