DJANGO Designer Dog Carry Bag

designer dog bagDJANGO Dog Carry Bag


Does your mini dog like to peep their little head out to observe what’s around them when you carry them on outings? If yes, then this is the best luxury pet carrier for you. Django brand has always been known for their great quality, highly functional and weather resistant dog gear.

The Django Dog Carry Bag is designed in such a way that your mini dog won’t feel too contained in the carrier. This is particularly good for dogs that are not used to traveling in carriers, as being enclosed can make them feel stressed and restless if they are not used to it.

Product Features

  • Materials used – Waxed canvas, nylon, soft leather
  • Product dimensions – 1.45 x 8 x 12.5 inches
  • Sherpa-enclosed footpad
  • Sherpa zip sleeve
  • Four exterior and interior zip pockets

Important Information

Django Dog Carry Bags are specifically targeted for outdoor use. With the stylish wax canvas, you need not worry about damaging the bag with rain, sun, or moisture. The interior of the dog carry bag is made of a soft nylon fabric, making sure that your little buddy is as comfortable as he/she can be in there. The fabric is water resistant, making sure it does not get stained or dirty and is easily cleaned with a cloth.

The comfortable scoop in the side of the bag where your pet can rest his/her head while you travel is the most unique feature of this product. The bag conveniently has 4 zipper pockets where you can put everything that your mini dog needs when traveling, from treats to poop bags.

The soft leather handles offer you maximum carrying comfort. There is also a very sturdy footbag in a cozy Sherpa sleeve for your mini dog to comfortably sit or stand in this awesome designer dog carrier.

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