MG Collection Soft Sided Small Dog Carrier


This quilted two-tone small dog travel carrier is ideal for small and young pets since the soft and secure interior keeps them cozy and comfortable. It has 8 strategically placed ventilation holes and a mesh top panel to keep your mini dog cozy and comfortable the whole time you’re out and about. The zippers in the mesh panel can be secured with snaps so the mini dog purse stays in a semi-open position for your fur baby to see outside. This is especially good for young puppies who are not used to being carried around in a dog purse.

dog carrier slings for small dogs

Product Features

  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 8 x 12 inches
  • Product weight – 1.5 pounds
  • Quilted designer exterior
  • 8 grommet reinforced ventilation holes
  • Plastic mesh ventilated top panel
  • Mesh panel zippers
  • Interior spring clip leash
  • Stiff removable bottom
  • Two full panel exterior side pockets

The exterior side pockets will help you store pet treats, leashes, and other puppy supplies necessary to take with you when you travel together. Both the interior and the exterior of this small dog carrier is easy to clean which is an important factor when it comes to convenience and functionality. No matter how careful we are with our mini dogs, it’s likely that the carrier will get dirty quickly. You can simply remove the bottom of the carrier and wash it when needed.

The lockable zipper and the well-ventilated design makes sure that you can comfortably tuck in your mini dog. You can always keep the flap semi-open for your mini dog to feel even more comfortable, without having to worry about them getting away.


dog carrier slings for small dogs