Petagon Designer Dog Carrier by ARGO

designer dog purse


When you love to make a your fashion statement piece reflect all things “Pretty in Pink”, then this designer dog bag is a great option for you. The Petagon by ARGO was designed especially for all the canine-loving pet fashionistas who travel with their furry friends everywhere, whether it’s taking your furry friend for a day out in the city or going away on vacation.


Product Features

  • Airline approved pet carrier, meeting strict IATA requirements
  • Ultra light weight design, actual weight: 2 lbs
  • 5 External zippered pockets, rear pocket with organization, top loading mesh opening with triple closure securities
  • Rear fitting over upright handles for easy mobility, Smart strap for car seat belt to slide through
  • Top loading mesh opening, side feeding mesh opening, dual layer reinforced mesh windows




designer dog purseThe Petagon is Airline Approved and meets TSA requirements for pet carriers in passenger cabins. The Petagon fits perfectly underneath an airline passenger seat. The Petagon is ultra light weight; with 5 external zipper pockets for easy organization and storage; it has a double zipper top for easy entry; made with dual layer mesh windows for reinforcement and providing great ventilation; it has a smart strap for car seat belt to slide through; comes with a removable water-resistant cool padding for quick cleaning. The Petagon is recommended for pets up to 15 LBS.


dog carry on bag