The Many Uses of a Small Dog Carrier

How Many Extra Ways Can You Utilize Your Small Dog Carrier?

The invention of dog carriers has made life easy for dog parents. From long vacations and trips to the vet or a day at the park, small dog carriers have become a compulsory item in a dog owner’s life. These carriers are built perfectly using breathable fabrics and sturdy materials to fulfill your dogs traveling needs.

You can easily get small dog carriers perfect for your mini dog; the measurements of most carriers are accurate. They are designed to be roomy and have ample ventilation. With a flat bottom, the interior compartment is made using sturdy materials so that they do not cave in. Small pet carriers are designed to be safe and comfortable for a traveling mini dog. Small dog carriers make comfortable private cabins for your tiny bundle of happiness. The fun part is that these carriers can be off-duty style statements for your fabulous friend, here is how:

purse carrier1. For Long Drives
Dogs, even tiny ones love sticking their heads out of the window to feel the wind on their tongues. But are you really comfortable with that? The answer is no. As fun as this is for your little friend it is also potentially harmful. Besides, many states no longer allow dogs to travel without restraints in the car. While harnesses and leashes may seem like the viable option, if you have a small dog carrier you are seriously doing your dog a favor. All dog carriers provide your dogs with a comfortable space to sit and move around. You can prop them up on the front seat and let them enjoy the drive without being worried about their head sticking out. Also; you are following the law so it’s win-win.

2. Visits to the vet
Even if your furry friend is well behaved, it does not want to go to the vet. A small pet carrier will help you carry your skeptical friend straight to the vet’s office. This helps prevent any leash-pulling that is a given during vet-visits. Plus, a small dog carrier will protect your dog from shared germs that are present in the waiting room of the vet’s office. For a dog its carrier is a secure space, even though the visit to the vet is not a favorite, your dog is sure to feel comfortable in its carrier.

3. Grocery shopping
Grocery shopping is not that fun so with the added responsibility of carrying your dog around it can become an ordeal. Most grocery stores do not allow larger dogs to follow you around the aisles. But if you have a smaller companion, a small dog carrier is your best friend. It’s easy to carry and keeps your dog safe and away from the treats.

pet tote carrier purse4. When guests visit
Small dog carriers can come in handy whenever you have guests around. This is also true for the opposite. Small dog carriers provide a secure place for your pet to rest while you entertain your guests.

Bottom Line
Small dog carriers are a good investment, enabling your dog to travel comfortably alongside you.